My name is Courtois

My name is Courtois

If love can't express itself, it sours into rage.


Courtois means courteous in French. Agreeable, amiable. Canadians are known for being polite and friendly, aren’t they? But are all Canadians kind? Are all fathers gentle? Do all mothers love their sons unconditionally? Sometimes grief hides behind a smile. We all live in a bubble, and every bubble has to pop.

When they let you out of the hospital, where do you go? When you run out of couches to sleep on, who do you call? When the bottles are empty, and the pills are gone, what do you do next? Do you pick up a guitar, your laptop… and write a story? Because a good story is more than your own story. A good story belongs to everyone. When you stand on stage you aren’t just singing. You can’t just preach. You have to reach out, hoping someone reaches back. Pop.

From the snowbound streets of Montreal to the crushing towers of New York City, a tropical fish named Courtois kept swimming all the way to the polluted heat of Los Angeles. A Northern voice expressing the struggles of a Southern heart, Courtois translates loss without resorting to cynicism, discovering a sound that both references the past and hints at the future. Written and performed by Courtois, and produced with delicacy and daring by Justin Bates, the songs explore deep water, but never stop reflecting sunlight from the surface. We breathe, and the bubbles cascade upwards.